garbage disposal hookup diagram

be clearly shown. . Fine screens shall be preceded by a coarse bar screening device. . 87.2 Sludge Piping.21 Size and Head Digested sludge withdrawal piping should have a minimum diameter of 8 inches (200 mm) for gravity withdrawal and 6 inches (150 mm) for pump suction and discharge lines. . Documentation must be submitted justifying the basis of design of mechanical dewatering facilities. These requirements shall be considered when proposing this type of treatment. The sewer shall be designed and constructed equal to water pipe, and shall be pressure tested at 150 psi (1034 kPa) to assure watertightness. Check valves shall be suitable for the material being handled and shall be placed on the horizontal portion of discharge piping except for ball checks, which may be placed in the vertical run. . For less complicated laboratory needs bench-top working surface should occupy at least 35 percent of the total laboratory floor space. . 33.95 Air test The air test shall, as a minimum, conform to the test procedure described in astm C 828 for clay pipe, astm C 924 for concrete pipe, astm F 1417 for plastic pipe, and for other materials test procedures approved by the regulatory.

  Protection of groundwater including public and private wells is of utmost importance. . Regardless of the type of emergency standby system provided, a portable pump connection to the force main with rapid connection capabilities and appropriate valving shall be provided outside the dry well and wet well. A heavy special-design balance table which will minimize vibration of the balance is recommended. .

The operator shall have authority to prevent and/or stop any disposal that is likely to cause a discharge violation;. . 42.25 Construction Materials Materials shall be selected that are appropriate under conditions of exposure to hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive gases, greases, oils, and other constituents frequently present in wastewater. . Not over 24 feet (7.3 m) center to center on grades 35 percent and up to 50 percent; and. . Access shall be provided in accordance with Paragraph.231. Initial low flow conditions must be evaluated in the design to minimize operational problems with freezing, septicity, flow measurements and solids dropout. . Location and construction of the well should comply with requirements of the governing state or province and local regulations. . Surface water shall not be permitted to drain into any unit. . Biochemical Oxygen Demand Defined The 5-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) is defined as the amount of oxygen required to stabilize biodegradable organic matter under aerobic conditions within a five day period in accordance with Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. . More than two tanks should be provided. 89.34 Sludge Lagoons for Disposal The utilization of lagoons for ultimate disposal of sludge is not recommended due to odor potential, area and volume required, and possible long term problems from groundwater contamination. . 48 instructions AND equipment Wastewater pumping stations and portable equipment shall be supplied with a complete set of operational instructions, including emergency procedures, maintenance schedules, tools and such spare parts as may be necessary. Sludge storage requirements;. .